What Are You Passionate About?

Finding your passion (or passions) in life is such an amazing gift.  Many people float their entire lifetimes searching for something that truly engages them in a meaningful way.

I think it you are one of the lucky ones, it is because you were fortunate to be exposed to it (and/or born with a rare, innate talent/disposition such as a Mozart or Leonardo DiVinci - gah! No pressure there!) and secondly, that you are brave enough to persist in your area of interest until you master it.

I don’t know a single person that lived a successful life that didn’t have passion for something they found meaningful. Whether you are an inventor (like Steve Jobs), a teacher, conservationist, parent, artist, philanthropist, rain maker or CEO, it all happens from a place of joy and excitement in the pursuit of what we love and find to be worthwhile.

I especially love what Mr. Jobs has to say about hiring and developing talented people. The best leaders are those who recognise, cultivate and value a highly skilled team. Leaders who understand the magic that occurs from a passionate, collaborative collective. So, what’s your  passion?

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