Questions Answered

I've been getting questions about my blog and so I'll do my best to answer them here as I have time.

1. What's with the feet?

I've been taking a photo each year of our son's feet next to Dad's.
Promise I don't have a foot fetish - although beautiful shoes are another matter.
It's bittersweet to watch our collection expand. Mostly sweet.

2. What did the name Lemon Bubbles come from?

Good question. I thought of this name years ago and it just stayed with me. Lemons are so cheerful and bubbles so whimsical and light. Together they represent the open, positive outlook I strive to embody. This does not come naturally to me (neither is being a morning person) but I just keep trying.

3. You mention pancakes a lot. What recipe do you use?

I have pancake addicts in my home who must be fed. Here is one recipe with more to come: