A Good Coach

A has been struggling for weeks with Taekwondo. He used to love it - yet out of the blue announced he no longer wanted to go. I struggled with this one. Was this a parental test on teaching perseverance and fortitude? An opportunity to help him develop self-discipline?
OR would stalwart encouragement ("You just have to go!") land him on a therapist's couch one day?
I spoke with one of the owners who suggested I change his class to an evening in which one of the more senior instructors would be teaching (not a convenient time for me). So we tried it. What a difference the right coach makes! A was engaged and enjoyed the entire class. I noticed him searching the instructor's face often for clues about his progress. Whatever he saw there made him ease into the movements with enthusiasm. I also noticed this instructor had that "alpha" voice that fathers with children know how to project.
Tonight's experience helped me remember the power of the "right" coach. There was nothing wrong with the other instructor - he was just not the best fit for my own observant, sensitive and strong willed son. The lesson learned was mine - the best teacher, coach or friend for my child is going to be the one he responds best to - not what's right for me.

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