Apple Picking in Fall

Have I shared that Fall is my favorite season???

I love everything about it. Especially long walks through crunchy leaves and a crisp breeze that promises cozy evenings by the fire.

Apple picking this year was in 90 degree weather. No fuzzy sweaters (Bwah! What is apple picking without a nubby sweater and cold cheeks?) but the day was glorious and we have more apples than we can eat or give away so dusting off my cookbooks for some applesauce recipes. Apple smoothies for breakfast!

We went to Barton's Orchards and loved the corn maze, music and wood carving demonstrations. Just simple days that I am sure I will miss while shoveling snow away from my car door.

 Even the farmer's market this week seemed a bit anticipatory - ready to concede the approaching last days of harvest.

We just got out the fall decorations (aka Halloween and Thanksgiving boxes) and I am so excited to change things up. Is there anything better than Fall? Magic!

A Meaningful Life

I initially wrote something drifty and pretentious on this subject and I would like to strike it all and simply say - sometimes it is hard to take a leap into the unknown but the rewards are worth it. I made a change from a large, mature company to a young, developing one. They say it takes 6 months to acclimate to a new job - I laugh in the face of whoever came up with that one. The part of me that loves manic, insane challenges is doing a happy dance.