Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

This past weekend I invited Autumn into our house. Using my last can of organic pumpkin (from when I over bought at Wholefoods in fear of the great, non-existent pumpkin shortage of 2011), I made pumpkin snickerdoodles. They smell heavenly! I had a lot of help as my husband had to put all the ingredients on the counter for me so I wouldn't have to bend and lift (cursed back!) and Monkey made for an excellent taste tester.

The scent of pumpkin means fall to me and I am certainly getting into the mood a little earlier this year. Thank goodness for neighbors who like it when I share cookies. These are not good to keep in the house...at least for those of us prone to late night cookie recollections.

Just realised this picture also shows the last of our Trader Joe figs. They did not last long. We literally stood in the kitchen and ate a zillion of these over the kitchen sink (the figs - not the cookies, although they were also delish).


Reflecting on all the things I am grateful for tonight. 
Top of the list is my healthy family. 
The list is really long.
It includes love. 
Sweet kisses and jokes about burps and zombie cows.
It includes perfect lattes and pumpkin muffins.
It includes blue skies and fluffy clouds over a soccer field.
A sweaty, happy, triumphant boy who loves school.
A man who makes me laugh and reminds me of everything right and good.
Holding hands three across.
It includes the first autumn breeze wafting through our shutters.
There is so much to be grateful for and my heart is full.

Tender Hearts

Last month was Honey's birthday and Monkey insisted on wrapping his gifts without any help from me. I absolutely love that he taped two sticks of Daddy's favorite gum to one package. So sweet.


Summer is evaporating swiftly - nearly gone and I have not posted in a long while. There were several reasons. Initially it was because I wanted to be more mindful about living in the present. This blog is about my adventures in slowing down and letting go a bit. I began to be concerned that I was more interested in capturing my life in snapshots than in actually enjoying it in the moment. Make sense?

What I realised is that I almost always write late at night when the house is quiet and my mind is restless. So not really an issue. We also just really enjoyed family time this summer. No crazy rushed schedules, just exploring what interested us. Secondly, I've been busy with new projects at work that have interrupted my normal hectic, yet comfortable work patterns. My late night musings have all been work related. This is why learning new things are good for our brains...

For the last several weeks, however, I haven't posted because I just couldn't sit at a computer to do so. I injured my back in a silly second that I wish I could rewind and re-do. It happens to so many people but I never thought it would happen to me. It is a herniated disk that will take 4 weeks to 3 months to mend and another 300-500 days for my body to completely heal, provided I take care and not re-injure myself.

My experience has been deeply humbling, as I had to accept that my normal, tenacious approach to solving problems (ignore the discomfort and plow through) would just not work in a situation that required me to be still. My attempt to simply ignore the problem did not work, and in fact slowed down my healing. Physical therapy and a new respect for really taking care of myself has become a strong focus. I tend to take care of everyone else around me and put myself (I know there is a club for this...) last.

I now have a new appreciation for those who live with acute pain or who lose their mobility. Not being able to sit, pick up things without squatting (good news is my leg muscles are getting great exercise!), sleep well or remember what it was like to not feel pain constantly affects your quality of life in such a profound way. What I am ashamed of is how crummy I have been taking all this. I never slow down and yet this is not something I can rush around. My normal way of approaching things will actually hurt me in this matter. And it is frustrating not to just get better immediately.

So I complain. I whine. I apologise for whining then do it some more. It is quite detestable. My family has been so wonderful and yet I compare myself to people who REALLY have problems, who NEVER complain, despite having terrible things happen to them and yet who sweetly remind us all of angels. I am not this type of person. The sad truth is that when the tough got going, I am a failure. At this point in my life, this very week, I am a miserable, shocked child who is not feeling enough gratitude for all my blessings. So my personal task is to accept this temporary status in my life. To accept it and move through it with as much grace as I can muster...or fake.