Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

This past weekend I invited Autumn into our house. Using my last can of organic pumpkin (from when I over bought at Wholefoods in fear of the great, non-existent pumpkin shortage of 2011), I made pumpkin snickerdoodles. They smell heavenly! I had a lot of help as my husband had to put all the ingredients on the counter for me so I wouldn't have to bend and lift (cursed back!) and Monkey made for an excellent taste tester.

The scent of pumpkin means fall to me and I am certainly getting into the mood a little earlier this year. Thank goodness for neighbors who like it when I share cookies. These are not good to keep in the house...at least for those of us prone to late night cookie recollections.

Just realised this picture also shows the last of our Trader Joe figs. They did not last long. We literally stood in the kitchen and ate a zillion of these over the kitchen sink (the figs - not the cookies, although they were also delish).

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