Since Kindergarten I have known the value of  true friendship. As my friend Claire likes to remind me, it started over a shared love of leg warmers, monkey bars and the color purple. Sometimes life gets so busy, we take for granted those friends who inspire, support and just...know us.  Those who knows what you look like in your pajamas with flu or who have seen you ugly cry over Hallmark commercials. Who are sincerely happy for your successes and help you celebrate with glad hearts. Who are by your side when you meet your future spouse and who hold your newborns. The older I get the more rare I know these to be.

Last night I finally made time to reconnect with some friends both old and new over some very nice wine. You can always tell when in the company of authentic friendship. It leaves you refreshed and never drained. No awkward moments and a conversation that could last days.

They give you space, they push you to be your best self and can tell in a heartbeat if you are less than present. They are always there when you need them - even while juggling four children, a job and a deadline (thank you, S.) and they accept your help without any resentment. With a kind word, with silent understanding and with hysterical stories retold again and again. So tonight I am grateful for true friendship, great wine and laughter so deep your abs ache the next day. For shared recipes, advice and chocolate on my birthday. You make life so much better.

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