Overheard in My House

Daddy: Why are you going Ninja with a metal meat tenderizer?
Monkey: I am Thor, this is my hammer and I'm gathering electricity.
Daddy: Oh. Okay.

Mommy: (After watching Ghostbusters) Monkey, how did you like the movie? What did you think about it?
Monkey: I think it would be bad to be a ghost marshmallow man because if you tooted, it would just travel back up inside your body to your head and back down again.
Daddy: ~snicker~

Daddy: No, Mommy's right. You look nice in that new sweater. Just like Justin Beiber.
Monkey: (dropped jaw and slow removal of the offending jumper) I. Am.Not.Justin.Beiber.
Daddy: Who is Justin Beiber again? I meant someone else...
Monkey: No.

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