How to ( not ) be a class mom!

I love being involved with my son's school. I love the idea of it. I like his teachers and we are pretty passionate in our house about homework and spelling tests. With that said, I learned a lot last year about my limits. Excited about our son's new adventure into Kindergarten, I was the parent in the front row feverishly taking notes at orientation while my husband actually had conversations with other people. I signed up for every parent/volunteer event I thought I could handle (ha!).  I signed up for year book photos, festivals and events I had no idea experience with. I ignored the wiser mothers in my life who shook their heads and advised me to pare it down. I had no idea what a "class mom" was exactly in this day and age, yet I was determined to be the best one ever!


I really did try my best, yet it was not a natural fit. I admire -and am grateful for -the moms who devote themselves to ensuring all of our children enjoy special events throughout the year. As a volunteer, I found myself too...impatient to truly enjoy each and every experience (What is the true ROI for these fundraisers? Is every child having a GREAT time? How do we improve this process for next year? Whose minding that crazy child over there...oh, wait that's my kid...).   I really enjoyed getting to know people but my main goal was to be there for Monkey. Running around like a manic person actually made me less present for him.

The end result of my experience is that I signed up for nothing this year. That's right. Big zero. I will join in the fun if it works with my family priorities and our schedules. I will always donate goods when asked and be present when it makes sense for us and it means something to Monkey (like an upcoming mystery reader stint). And I will definitely be donating generously to the PTA this year...

For fun, here are a few pictures last year when I did a Halloween craft for Monkey's class. It took me 6 hours over two nights to hand cut little bat bodies and it took them 10 minutes to complete. The candy boxes and cellophane were from Michael's. It was fun - yet this year I am delivering food made by someone else as I intend to keep my eyes on Monkey as he dazzles in his Star Wars costume. He'll be happy with my undivided attention - inside or outside the classroom.

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