Childhood's Journey

Every moment of childhood is special. At times you see him putting things together
and working out the puzzles of the universe and it's humbling to witness and share these early days of another person's journey.

Every perspective is built upon fresh experiences and his own unique compass. I often wonder what he is thinking and am so grateful that he is still of an age to tell me. That he wakes up eager to share his dreams. I hope it will always be like this. Someday he will be a teenager, more guarded in his independence. There are no absolutes and motherhood means letting go as much as it does holding on. Easy to say when I have not had to experience that sting in any significant way yet.
So I'll remind myself that it is not about me. It's about him. Childhood's journey is a joyful, lonely, happy, frustrating and wondrous time. My best wish for him is that he loves the journey as much as the destination.

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