I have been neglected my blog lately in favor of squeezing every moment from this amazing summer.

Late nights have been spent in John Hughes marathons and extra sleep. My delightful niece has also been visiting us from afar and darn if 6 weeks of her company is just not enough. We've kept politics and negative noise, including the internet, to a minimum.

We've made gallons of lemonade and caught hundreds of lightening bugs. We've had lots of company with favorite friends and overall been very relaxed. Beach and pool, our happy toes are raw and limbs covered in bandaids from countless dare devil stunts. Here is what we've been up to:

Late Night Ice Cream Attacks!


                                                           Surfing Summer Rain

                                                                Guitar Hero Olympics



                                     Impromptu In-House Garage Sales for Parental Customers

September will be here too soon! Hoping the rest of summer is just as wonderful - for everyone, everywhere.

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