We waited. We crossed off days to the grand opening. We bought annual passes. We were not first in line...but tried to be.  We hit Legoland on opening day. Let me explain why this was a terrible idea.

Massive crowds of like-minded lego junkies aficionados.

Poor organisation by the Lego peeps who failed to realise how seriously Legos are taken in my neck of the woods (or how cray cray their fan base is in one of the largest metro areas in the US...)

Small area of actual Lego play with long lines of adventure hungry children standing about staring intently in a manner not creepily unlike Children of the Corn. Gollum had nothing on these kids.

Standing in line for 45 minutes to buy one of those initial family snapshots they take, only to find that your child closed his eyes and grimaced so well that no one seeing this photo would ever believe he is remotely normal.

Not enough lego parts for the Lego Racer area. Not cool trying to build a car with only two and half wheels. Maybe it could have been a motorcycle race.

What we may return for:

The 4-D movie was pretty good.
If not so crowded it would be much more fun (better planning on my part).
Legoland itself is a a great deal of fun - just not opening day!
Returning to buy Lego sets we rarely ever see in stores.
Why not? It's LEGOLAND!! Even the bathroom stall doors were nifty.


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