A Good Egg

I just read an article from Psychology Today about personality assumptions 
and was struck by an observation of the author, Jena Pincott. Nature vs. nurture is irrevocably combined - much as the chicken and the egg, the two cannot be unscrambled. I know that I certainly see clear traits of both of my parents within myself, perhaps even grandparents - yet I am just as surely a culmination of my life's experiences and choices.

I admit to being ravenously curious about how my son will turn out. Who will he be at 15, 30, at 50? The thousands of hours we have spent from even before his birth to plan the most nurturing, stimulating environment does not supersede the true lessons in life, which are the failures. Although he has my strong sense of fair play, desire for organization and fear of making mistakes (my apologies), he also as my husband's easy going nature, fearlessness and love of spontaneity. He is also very much a unique soul that is perfectly his own.

Eventually time and his own choices will allow the rest to unfold, with our guidance a steady foundation to draw from. Ultimately, we cannot steal his lessons and I hope he learns well from what life offers. Regardless of his path, we know he is a good egg - scrambled or not. It is the journey itself in becoming who we are that is the best part.

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