Photosynthesis and Bike Rides

The swans and ducks are bobbing in our nearby lake and the forsythia is bursting forth in sunny abundance! We just spent a perfect afternoon on a nearby bike path and enjoyed the unfurling of Spring.

Monkey is a pro now on his bike. He's had training wheels off for quite a while yet something in the fresh air had him deliberately crashing his bike into soft piles of leaves every fifteen minutes or so. He always came up laughing so we guessed he was practicing wiping out  - is this a boy thing?

The section of bike path we like best crosses through the New York State water reservoir and it is just so peaceful surrounded by nature. So many trees were damaged in the October ice storm yet you can see saplings sprouting in the sudden sunlight.

 I've seen fields full of jonquils and early tulips everywhere lately - yet there is something about the small things growing in the midst of winter remnants that just tugs at my heart.

One feels fortunate to witness their small victories - lovely wonders of photosynthesis. Nature's way of reminding us that seasons will change and the small things will grow as they should. A bit like watching our children, laughing faces raised to the sun. I am trying not to look forward to Summer, as much as I love it. I'll miss these cool days filled with sunshine. Spring has arrived and it is full of crazy fun bike rides and magical anticipation.

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