Backscratching Master

After reading Sea of Monsters, brushing teeth and settling into a comfy chair for last chance whispers, Monkey asked me to scratch his back (actually a nightly ritual.) Daddy may win in the wrestling department but my nails are a bit longer and I am nothing if not detail oriented.

His drowsy voice shared the following:

"Mommy, if there was a contest for mommies to scratch their children's backs, and it was like that dance contest you like on TV and children had to hold cards with numbers, guess who would win the contest if all the moms of the world were in it?"

Me: Who? (holding my breath as if scratching a lottery ticket with the first two matching numbers revealed)

Him: You would, Mommy (patting my cheek).

WOW. I am undone right now. If I had a cape I think I could fly.

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