Being Lucky

Like many people, I've spent a lot of time considering why I never win the lottery. First of all - I almost never play. Secondly, I never really think I am going to win.

I typically calculate my chances and end with the same decision- a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Although I do understand that it's just fun to play with the anticipation that one might win.

This same philosophy can be applied to just about anything. Yet who is to say that we are not ALL the "lucky ones"? Taking a chance on something meaningful is never a waste when you focus on the best possible outcome. Lottery aside, most success is a result of preparation and hard work. Anyone who has read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell will get that.

So when I became my household's Knock Hockey champion today, I knew it was the result of a decade of dedicated play time that won me this coveted title. My son called me 'lucky' and I had to agree. Call it kismet, call it fortune...or one could just call it life. Anything worth doing is worth doing well - whether earning the Nobel Peace prize or a champion right flip of a hockey puck.

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