Leave Negativity Behind

We recently made a day trip to a Native American Indian festival.
Within an hour Monkey realised we would not be purchasing him a real,
hand crafted arrow (They were really sharp!) and his interest level dropped
considerably. It was a fun afternoon yet the best part was this sign
posted at the entrance:

 Monkey thought this was unfair and worried about all the negative
people who don't know better and wouldn't get to visit the festival.
So sweet.

The ironic part was that the festival itself included an overall theme of suffering at the hands of the federal government. I know it happened and I cringe to call this out as having a poor attitude (Maybe that sounded negative. I swear I have Cherokee in my gene pool somewhere - does this give me a pass?).  I realise that people are still blaming the federal government for most everything - and I include myself as a sometime critic. Sadly, it's easier to complain about what "other" people are doing rather than to inject some positive energy into the mix.

This human trait applies to most areas of our life. Personally, I could find something wrong with just about anything. There. I said it. Or typed it. Unfortunately, I am not alone as most of us seem to have a default button stuck on negative. It's a personal choice to be a happy, positive person who looks for the benefits to any given situation. So - although I could have lived without seeing the Irish guy dressed in a loin cloth eating barbecue at a picnic table,  I just thought...good for you guy. You are willing to really put yourself out there and have a fun day playing dress up as an American Indian. He was a good example of what it means to live in the moment and not care about what other people are thinking. I think he must have read the sign.

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