Spinning too fast

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I am not feeling like a happy lemon today. We are preparing for Hurricane Irene. Keep in mind that we live in New York but far enough away so that we are not in any real danger. Mr. Lemon did a fine job of moving the deck furniture and grill yesterday. We have plenty of water, candles and food on hand if the worst happens and we have no electricity for awhile. I trust him completely when he insists we have more than enough batteries. We have a handy dandy list with suggestions like filling the bathtub with water in case you need it to flush toilets. Hope we don't need that one. So this morning I woke up early to exercise and finished tucking my roses, herbs and plants out of the way to avoid being stripped of all leaves by the fierce winds we seem to get with big storms around here.
I am feeling out of sorts. Thinking about baking pumpkin bread before we are tossed into the unknown. As much as I longed for summer, I am really looking forward to Fall. Crisp apples and Halloween. Why do we always look forward to the next thing, the next season, the next event or the next milestone? Why is it so hard to stay in the present and not force the world to rush by so fast? Think I will meditate before the menfolk rise for the day. I need to find a way to look forward to a Hurricane. Sheesh.

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