The Laundromat

I have really taken the convenience of having a washer and dryer for granted.  I realised this last week when my washing machine broke up with me.
Refusing to gyrate or spin, it did not even leave a departing Dear John letter before it severed all ties. My husband did his best to intervene but mending this relationship was not to be. 

We are currently waiting the arrival of my new best friend - and looking on the bright side, the new machine is the energy super star I've been wanting for a long time. Thursday cannot arrive fast enough.

Laundry was piling up, however. Even though we are on hiatus from camp while Monkey mends, he still goes through a lot of clothes. So early this morning the little man and I went to the laundromat. I have not been to one since my college days and it was unexpectedly fun.

Being a recovering germophobe (2% recovered thus far), this trip did include some initial cleaning with organic products but otherwise we enjoyed a few simple pleasures. We studied our quarter stockpile and picked out all the states we don't already have for his collection.  When I realised it would take only 45 minutes to dry mulitples loads of launry, we decided to dry our clothes there as well to save time. Monkey enjoyed rolling the carts around and helped match socks. We even walked to a nearby diner for breakfast while our clothes were drying. Fun times and clean clothes to boot!

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