Farmer's Market

Another happy Saturday morning spent at the Farmer's Market. It didn't start happy. Someone wanted pancakes for breakfast and all I wanted to do was get out of the house as fast as possible. Ever have a Saturday like that? Once breakfast was settled we headed over to our local Farmer's Market. The fresh herbs were amazing and we found the most beautiful purple spring onions. There was one lone vendor at a table with the smallest selection I've ever seen. While chatting, he told me (okay I asked) that he had a one acre farm but was working towards expanding. I bought nearly everything he had. Which really amounted to some Kale, the carrots you see above and a few other vegetables. You've got to support someone with such a worthy dream! Monkey got to select nearly everything and I loved seeing his excitement over discovering heirloom tomatoes. He refuses to eat them (thus far) yet thinks they look cool. I spent about forty dollars yet like having vegetables in the fridge that are grown locally, taste like actual vegetables and are as free from pesticides as possible.  It's also an hour during which I refuse to check the blackberry. Now that he has his stitches out (thank goodness!) we are making the most of the summer by spending as much time in the water as possible. And we'll have a fresh salad to go with whatever the men decide to grill. Ahh, Saturdays...

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