Charles Dickens

Between sports, play dates and other extracurricular activities, January is pretty full. We are still squeezing in time for a trip to the New York Public Library next weekend to view the Charles Dickens exhibition called The Key To Character. Mainly to view the illustrations yet also to demonstrate appreciation that the library is continuing its efforts to  explore the man and works of C.D. - one of my favorite literary historians. His fiction is such a rich reflection of the Victorian age and London/Paris map in those early days.

We watched most of Oliver Twist with Monkey in November. I say most because he is still too young to be exposed to the worst of Fagin and the fate of Nancy so there were quite a few fast forward moments. He truly enjoyed it and was thoughtful over it for weeks. I can't wait until he is old enough to appreciate his other novels. My favorite is A Tale of Two Cities. So exquisitely sad and hopeful all at once.

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